Our Trainings

In our firm, we believe that all that matters is grit. It’s not about talent or your prior network, it’s down to persistence and grit. We value every team member in our firm. For individualised and custom training for your experience, please find the modules below that we have for you.

Our Trainings

Whether you are a new salesperson or experienced one, a senior manager or a high-performing sales individual, or simply someone looking for personal, professional or leadership development programs, Alex Goh and Associates and OrangeTee has the right program for you. Depending on your profile, experience and aspiration, your direct manager will recommend programs that are relevant to you. Below is a list and overview of the programs the team and company provides.


1. Route of Advancement Courses (Salesperson)


TeeOff is a must know real estate selling skills program for all new salespersons. In these 7 days intensive training, the trainees will be given an in-depth understanding of handling different types of property transactions as well as the necessary skills and knowledge in marketing properties, negotiation, listing presentation, etc. This program will not only help the new salespersons to develop a career in this challenging industry, it also ensures that you to become a successful real estate professional.

Basic Sales Support Training (BSST)

BSST workshop is to shorten your learning curve in this challenging industry. This program focuses on the application knowledge, techniques and skill sets that forms the basics of a salesperson career. It covers Comparative Market Analysis, Prospecting, Presentation and Closing, and an ideal program for new salespersons to kick start their real estate career.

On Job Training (OJT)

As a follow-up program after BSST, trainees will begin their On Job Training (OJT) with their managers. It is a 90-days coaching program where the trainee, under the supervision of the manager, will practice, monitor and review the knowledge and skill sets imparted thus far. The program will end when the associate successfully concludes a transaction.

This program focuses on the experiential aspects of the fluid real estate transaction. It covers hands-on experience on the different stages of the transactions. Trainee will follow their managers out in the field to observe, and will be given tasks to fulfil throughout the program. Trainees will also be required to complete a list of tasks, record their activities, and attend reviews to ensure a meaningful training.

Advanced Sales Training

AST focuses on growing the salespersons’ business through systemisation and relationships. This program teaches the associates how to think, rather than what to think, and introduce interesting concepts like microtargetting, etc. This program is suited for salespersons who has achieved some success in the industry and seeks to “achieve more with less”.

Advanced Sales Training II: Specialization

AST II, designed to build a sustainable business though specialization. This program helps our achievers to build a lasting brand in their desired fields and using systems to leverage the network of the team, and is more suited for accomplished salespersons.


2. Route of Advancement Courses (Manager)

The Excellence Achievements for Manager (TEAM)

The aim of TEAM workshop is to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours associated with being a successful team manager. It is an ideal workshop for team managers and those that have been promoted to this role. This course prepares you for the challenges of being a team manager. You will have a thorough understanding of recruitment and team building.

Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program (LEAP)

An essential course for aspiring leaders in team building and establishing a successful career in real estate business by understanding the organization’s culture and values, by mastering the art of building winning relationships, and by improving self-awareness. Most of all learn to conduct oneself with the maturity, confidence and wisdom in managing a team.

Train The Manager

At Alex Goh and Associates, every salesperson is an unique individual and requires specific trainings and systems to bring out the best in them. That is why we never leave it to chance in the training and grooming of our managers to equip them with the right skills and tools to do their job effectively and efficiently. The transition from a salesperson to manager is often an underrated task, which results in frustration and loss of sales

This program focuses on the tools that the team employs and the skill sets required for managers to bring out the best of each salespersons.

Train The Director

At Alex Goh and Associates, every high performing sales team has a director that guides the team in their trainings, activities and development. This requires strategy, planning, communications skills and monitoring tools, to continuously formulate and adjust plans to stay relevant. Although each director possesses their unique personality and styles, a structured mentoring program would equip the directors with proper tools and skills to discharge their duties more effectively and efficiently.


3. Enrichment Programs

Salesperson Essential Expertise Development Strategy (SEED)

SEEDS is a one day workshop that trains the participants to develop an effective negotiating and communication skills and powerful presentation to handle and countering objections from FSBOs or FLBOs.

In this workshop, there will be discussions, role-plays, presentations and many activities to help participants to overcome intimidation and develop self-confidence when handling objections and convert FSBO and FLBO into exclusives. The participants will take away real-life experience from the trainers, case studies and scripts at the end of the workshop.

Commercial / Industrial Realty Optimum Program – CROP

The ‘Commercial/Industrial Realty Optimum’ program is aimed at salespersons that do not have experience or formal knowledge dealing in non-residential property transaction. CROP is designed and developed based on the real life experience of the trainers which helps you to establish your GTA in the commercial and industrial segment.

The program also focuses on the understanding of the policies from relevant authorities, the types of non-residential properties, procedures, documentations, HDB non-residential properties, GST, etc. At the end of this program, you will be able to establish your income and business model, identify the opportunities in the segments and leverage on the market opportunities to maximise your income.

Accelerated Specialized Skills Enhancement Training – ASSET

ASSET is a tutorial session that providing continuous learning for salespersons to understand and enhance in their skills and knowledge in the areas of:

  • HDB Re-sale & leasing
  • Condo Re-sales & leasing
  • Landed Re-sales & leasing
  • Commercial/Industrial Re-sales & leasing
  • Residential and Non-residential Project Sales

Property Conveyancing Symposium – PCS

This is an educational conference conducted by KSCGP Juris LLP for salespersons to get together to discuss on a particular real estate topics and having a better understanding on property law and conveyancing process in both residential and non-residential properties.

The topics that have covered in the symposium:

  • Understanding the Real Estate Agent Work Regulations
  • Transmission of Property on Death of Registered Proprietor(s)
  • New Property Curbs – Challenging Rules and Restrictions


4. Personal Development

Mind Transformation Workshop – Yes U Can

A powerful mind transformation workshop designed where motivation plays an important role in the wellbeing of our salespersons. This workshop focuses on learning about motivational techniques for individuals and team managers. It helps you get the very best performance in your sales, or from your team, by motivating them to do their best.

This workshop is ideal for those who want to re-fresh, refine or advance their sales performance and people management skills. It is also particularly aimed at team leaders and managers who are interested in expanding or improving their management skills by learning about a range of motivational tools and techniques.

Positive Monday Workshop

This workshop is conducted by Team Leaders of OrangeTee, staff of various departments and external speakers from related industries. Speakers will keep our associates informed of the latest market happenings, products and services of OrangeTee as well as skills based knowledge to ensure continuous peak performance in our associates.

Information Technology Training

OrangeTee Information Technology, proficient I.T. tools and services help to increase your income and efficiency. I.T. training is designed to ensure effective and optimum use of our E-services such as E-Litho, Project Information, Caveat Search, HDB Transaction Search, Submission of Sales Transactions and many more. Associates will also learn to leverage on info-tech system maximise productivity and efficiently.

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